Keith William Horwood

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Keith Horwood. Software. Biology. Learning. Building.
(And too busy to make a prettier website at the moment. Stay tuned.)

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NBEAM: How I Wrote an Ultra-Fast DNA Sequence Alignment Algorithm in JavaScript
Science. JavaScript. Speed. Can we pick only one?


NtSeq (JavaScript) - keithwhor/NtSeq @ github
JavaScript (node + browser) bioinformatics library for nucleotide sequence manipulation and analysis.

DataCollection.js (JavaScript) - thestorefront/DataCollection.js @ github
Manipulate data from API responses with ease.

FastAPI (Ruby) - thestorefront/FastAPI @ github
Create robust, standardized API endpoints using lightning-fast database queries

Multithread.js (JavaScript) - keithwhor/multithread.js @ github
Multithreading in JavaScript made easy

Audio Synthesizer (JavaScript) - keithwhor/audiosynth @ github
Synthesize musical notes dynamically in the browser.

HTML5 Canvas blurRect (JavaScript) - keithwhor/canvasBlurRect @ github
Real-time (30+ FPS) iOS-style box blur + saturation in the browser